Examples of Non-Traditional Economic Indicators

Tape MeasureIn our previous post, we talked about whether sporting events were economic indicators. It turns out that there are quite a few indicators that tell us how the economy is doing at any given time.

Here are a few additional examples:

1. Online search trends. Analysis of online search trends can provide insight into consumer interests and needs, as well as changes in consumer behavior and spending patterns.

2. Satellite imagery. Analysis of satellite imagery can provide insight into economic activity, such as the level of construction or activity at ports and airports.

3. Patent applications: The number and types of patent applications can provide insight into innovation and technological progress, which can be an important driver of economic growth.

4. Weather patterns: Changes in weather patterns can impact economic activity in various ways, such as affecting agriculture, energy usage, and consumer behavior

5. Crime rates: Changes in crime rates can provide insight into economic activity and social conditions in a particular area.

6. Health data: Changes in health data, such as rates of illness or hospital admissions, can provide insight into economic activity, particularly in the healthcare industry.

The use of non-traditional indicators is becoming increasingly common as technology and data analysis techniques continue to evolve, providing new sources of information and insights into economic activity. There’s no doubt that as technology continues to evolve, we’ll see the measurement of economic activity evolving.

In our next post, we’ll discuss some emerging trends that are becoming popular with economists to measure economic growth.

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