At Brick & Mortar Academy, real estate investors come together to learn, grow and make attractive yields from wise investment decisions. We engage all of our members to not only learn about what it means to invest, but to explore their own interests in the field of real estate.

Brick & Mortar Academy meetings include informative presentations about new and significant topics. We have an interactive atmosphere, encouraging members to network, ask questions, discuss and even give us suggestions for future presentations.

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Have you found yourself wanting to get into real estate
but not knowing where to start?

There are so many products and classes out there.  If you don’t have any formal training, it can be daunting.  You have a passion for helping others and for doing deals, but don’t know where to go from here.

That’s ok!  Everyone starts somewhere, and there’s lots to learn even for experienced pros.  In fact, the people who make this a full time gig are constantly learning, seeking out new strategies and comparing notes with other operators.
If you are brand new to real estate, I have good news.  There are a variety of resources on this site that can take you to the next level.
The reality is that education breeds success.  The people who do deals know what they are doing – or at least have carved out a niche and become an expert in that space.  That’s the key: becoming a subject matter expert to whom everyone turns.  You don’t need to be the real estate guru in all things real estate.  Pick an area that you enjoy and learn everything you can about that area.  Once you are fully proficient and have some revenue stream coming in, pick another area and add it to your tool belt.
When I started in 2006, the market was peaking, and it wouldn’t be long before it started to slide into recession.  No one had heard of short sales before, and few people had any expertise.  People were getting stuck with ARMs with interest rate resets that they couldn’t afford.  Property values were beginning to slide, and people didn’t know what to do.  Enter me.
The short sale market took off, and I quickly became the go-to person.  Real estate agents were calling me up in droves begging me to help with their transactions so they could survive.  I would do 1-2 marketing events and would have 30 new deals in days.  Pretty soon I wasn’t marketing at all, and had to hire 3 more staff.  You see?  That’s how it works.
You too can develop your own niche and expertise.  Whether you are a real estate agent, a wholesaler or a rehabber, or perhaps some combination, we have something here for you.  You NEED TO POSITION YOURSELF for success!  Don’t get caught not knowing what to do when someone calls.  Imagine a potential client or seller asking a question and you bumbling around for an answer….any answer!  That would be humiliating, and almost certainly kill your deal.  People can smell incompetence a mile away.  Get yourself up to speed on the marketing, legal and business techniques that will set you apart from the competition today!

What are you waiting for?

The biggest hindrance to taking action is usually fear: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of social disapproval if you look bad.  Let’s just take all of that off the table. If you want to be successful and take your business to the next level, even if that is level 1 (!), you have to take a step forward.  It can be a baby step, but it is some sort of action.  And it requires a bit of risk….but risk is just another word for uncertain outcome.  It doesn’t need to trigger fear.  You take a step forward, see what happens, and then take another step – even if it is in a slightly different direction.  That’s how life works: we are constantly doing things, adjusting, and making another move.
There is no reason to believe that you can’t do this.  In fact, let’s just proclaim it!  Repeat after me: “I can do this!”  “I want to do this!”  “I AM GOING TO DO THIS!”  (3x works even better for stomping out the fear.)  Take back some control in your life and make a decision today that things will be different.  Your tomorrow awaits you, and it sure looks bright from here.


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