Private coaching is only for the select few who really want to take firm control of their business. Warning: our coaching program is rigorous and the expectations are very high. We don’t take everyone who applies, since success requires discipline, perseverance, teachability, ingenuity, accountability and a strong work ethic. Those who do demonstrate the aptitude necessary tend to be very successful.

Our program is a customized solution for those who are hungry and dissatisfied with their current station in life. We identify where you are – your CORE competence, i.e., your strengths, skills and experience – and build a bridge to where you (realistically) want to be.

Believe it or not, much of this is psychological. Resolving mental hang ups and eliminating fear is essential to unlocking your hidden potential. We then superimpose a proven system for success.

Consider where you want to go with your life from here. Change sometimes requires large modifications — complete shifts in framework and lifestyle habits. Only when we reach a certain threshold of fatigue or pain are we willing to make the necessary sacrifices and choices to effectuate change and growth.

There’s no doubt about it. Growth involves heavy lifting and duress. Consider an Olympic athlete training for the gold medal. He gets up early in the morning. His body is tired from the prior day, from past training, from stress. He pushes those excuses aside, not allowing them space in his mind. His focus is unilateral – straight on his goal and nothing else. As he makes his way to the track, his muscles give one last protest – too sore, too stiff, still recovering from the prior day’s workout. Wouldn’t it be better if he just took it easy today? His long-term goals would not suffer; in fact, they would be better effectuated if he allowed more recovery time. Seeing past this deception, the athlete stretches, and pushes himself further then ever before. You see, in order to be faster, stronger, better, he has to tear down his existing muscles and structures, and build new fibers. That only happens with pain and force. It is not easy or for the faint of heart. He can run easy, allowing himself a mental and/or physical break, staying in his comfort zone and maintaining the status quo…..but then he won’t accomplish his goals.

Take a sober review of yourself and your motivations, and ask yourself: Am I caught up in the emotion of the moment, enamored with the thought of attention or the lure of money, or am I willing to do the heavy lifting necessary to grow? Am I ready for change? If the answer is yes, really truly yes, then please proceed.


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