Is the Economy Improving? It Depends Who You Ask

Axios has published a story called 7 Big Trends Facing the Economy in 2023, not surprising considering the new year brings a lot of these kinds of posts.

Axios says these “mega-themes” that will play out include:

wild swings in various markets, such as labor, housing, automotive and travel;

slower economic growth and possibly a recession;

stabilizing rents and fewer labor shortages;

possibly the world is entering a period of global shocks that will bring persistent disruptions;

whether inflation can come down without much damage to employment;

central banks diverging on interest rates; and

a new American industrial policy.

The author points out that things are weird and unpredictable and that things could go from bad to really good and then swing back in the other direction.

Mostly, nobody knows what to do or think about the changes that have happened globally since the pandemic. This is possibly one of the reasons everyone is so rattled by these changes.

Will we enter into a recession? It depends on the media outlet doing the reporting, although all of them seem to have their own bias.

There is a lot of talk about real estate crashes, but thus far it looks more like a slow decline, perhaps more of a correction. Many of the larger real estate investors are getting out of real estate, which creates opportunities for average people to purchase an affordable home.

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