Brick and Mortar is designed for those fairly new to the real estate investing space, who desire to take the next step from second hand tidbits to a solid working knowledge of law, marketing and investment strategies.  There is a significant gap between the fluff local real estate investment clubs provide, including the “gurus” they parade to snag the last dollar from unwitting investors’ pockets, and the graduate of a law or business school. This gap is what we seek to fill.  Here, there is only 100% content and no upselling or poofery.

We recognize the need for information to make better investment decisions, having been through this process ourselves and learned by doing (despite having those aforementioned degrees!).  What you might expect to pay thousands of dollars for in a “boot camp” or educational institution is now brought to you in the comfort of your own home, on your own time.  Join us as we journey together to help communities maintain their homes and property values, and local investors assist those in need.